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Go Rams!!

The family at the game!

This past Saturday marks a very important day in Colorado State University and Fort Collins history. Whatever side of the issue you land on with the new stadium, it is here and it was packed! It was really fun to see the attendance of alumni and current students alike. All of the parking lots were packed for the sold out game. My fiancé and our son all attended, and in spite of the crowds and the partying, it was still pretty family friendly! I think a lot of parents were like us and wanted their kids to experience this historic event (even if he won’t remember it we can show him pictures one day). And because Jackson happens to be incredibly cute, and reporter for the Coloradoan approached us and asked us a few questions that ended up on the front page!

This stadium has created an excitement in Fort Collins and CSU that should be great for the school and our town, and I look forward to many years to come to see games this AMAZING new stadium! If you want to read the article where I get a good dig in at CU, check it out below!