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The Health Of The NoCo Market

I think by this point if you have been reading my blog, you are pretty well aware that we currently have a very fast moving and healthy real estate market here in Northern Colorado. While it’s all good and well to know this in your gut, let’s take a look at some stats that really prove that point.

If you look back over the last 30 years, the Fort Collins/Loveland appreciation levels have been negative only 6 of those years, 3 of which were during the worst recession of our lifetimes (unless you lived through the Great Depression!). Here are some other interesting statistics that show the health of our market:

  • Fort Collins/Loveland area is # 11 on the top 259 markets for home price appreciation in the country
  • Greeley is #12, Denver is #14, and Boulder is #15 of the top 259 markets
  • Colorado is # 2 (only behind Oregon) for 1 year home price appreciation IN THE COUNTRY! Florida, Washington, and Nevada round out that top 5 list

If you would like to know how all of this good news affects your home’s value or your ability to buy a new home, I would love to talk to you, so give me a call or shoot me an email!