Real Estate March 9, 2015

Pricing And Staging-Still Important Even In A Fast Paced Market

think we are all pretty used to hearing about and experiencing this "sellers market" that Northern Colorado has seen for the last year or so. And it can be easy as as seller to think you can just slap a big number on the price tag and not clean up your house and expect it to get multiple offers in the first few hours of being on the market. While things are certainly moving much more quickly than thet used to, it is still important to price your home correctly, and make sure that is it 100% ready to show when you put it on the market. 

Pricing is everything. You should certainly try and maximize your return when selling your home, but don't get caught up in the overpricing game. In almost every situation of over pricing, you will see the home sit on the market just a little too long (which in this market can be 2 weeks), and buyers may wonder what's wrong with the home. That will almost certainly yo result in lower offers and sale prices than if the home had just been priced correctly when it hit the market. 

Not every home needs to be staged, but every home needs to looks its best when buyers start to come through. That unfinished home improvement project, those uncleaned carpets, and that mess you may live with every day need to be taken care of before the home is shown to buyers. This goes back to maximizing your return we talked about above, you will receive more offers and higher offers on a home that shows well.

With the Windermere Certified Listing I will discuss all of these details with you if you decide to sell your home, but if you want a few staging tips CLICK HERE for more info. Have an awesome week, and as always please let me know if you need any real estate help!