About the areaInvestmentSeller Tips November 7, 2011

Fort Collins 2nd Most Healthy Housing Market

So while sometimes it feels like good news is hard to come by for real estate, not for the Fort Collins area! We seem to keep getting awards piled on us, which I certainly can’t complain about. Builder Magazine just voted Fort Collins the 2nd Healthiest Housing market, due to expected employment and household increases and Colorado State University being one of our major employers.

With Fort Collins’ inventory incredibly low for the amount of demand, I am hoping that some of these good news stories will encourage sellers to get their properties on the market if they are looking to sell. Buyers don’t have a heck of a lot to choose from right now, so if you have an investment property or anything in Old Town that you have been holding off on putting on the market because you heard it was a bad time, give me a call and we can talk about why that is not the case right now.