About the areaInvestmentSeller Tips August 10, 2011

Investment Inventory LOW!

I have to apologize for the hiatus I’ve taken from writing here, it’s been a busy summer for Fort Collins investment real estate. We have pushed over the 300 unit mark at KEVCO for the number of properties we manage, and we have had investors picking up multiple properties this summer.

The issue that we are running into now are there are just not enough investment grade properties on the market in the Old Town and Colorado State University campus areas. I think the main issue is seller confidence is still relatively low, but with the number of cash buyers and out of town investors we are working with, I’d love to see A LOT more multifamily properties coming on the market. I guess it’s not a bad problem for a REALTOR to have more buyers than there are listings, but it feels like dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean!

If you know of anyone that owns or is interested in selling investment properties in the Fort Collins market, please feel free to give them my number, I’d love to speak with them.

I look forward to hearing from any and all of you!