Friday Fun Facts! I-25 Edition


Relief on The Way!

There is good news and bad news.

The good news is I-25 traffic relief is on the way. The bad news is we will have to live through three summers of construction before it’s done.

Did you know the 26 miles between Highway 14 in Fort Collins and Highway 66 in Longmont Interstate 25 serves more than 45,000 cars per day? Wow!

Part of that stretch of interstate will get a third lane starting this summer. Construction is set to begin next month that will add a third lane between Highway 14 and Highway 402.

The project is happening 14 years ahead of schedule thanks to additional funding from several sources including the Cities of Fort Collins and Loveland. The first step we will notice is construction on the I 25/Highway 34 intersection.

This is great news for our region that will bring much needed relief. We will all just need to be a little patient while the work is being done.

Grab a copy of my Investment Kit so you can see the simple steps to get started without stress or complication. Email me at phunter@windermere.comand I will send you a video which clarifies the process and my Investment Checklist so you can see what to do first.

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The Latest Edition of THE SCOOP!

Check out the link below for interesting and helpful info on the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market!

The Scoop 1st Quarter 2018

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Friday Fun Facts!


Top 4/Bottom 4

At the end of this weekend College Basketball’s Final 4 will be established. It might make you wonder, what the top 4 and bottom 4 real estate markets across the country?

Here they are, ranked by the last 12 months of appreciation according to

Top 4:

  1. Tacoma, WA 14.6%
  2. Seattle, WA 14.3%
  3. Port St. Lucie, FL 13.7%
  4. Las Vegas, NV 13.6%

Bottom 4:

  1. Atlantic, NJ -3.14%
  2. Peoria, IL -3.0%
  3. Huntington, WV -2.6%
  4. Jackson, MS -1.2%

Welcome to Friday Fun Facts!

Thanks for checking out this week’s Friday Fun Facts!

These little nuggets of information are designed to inform, education and entertain you. I promise to give you some solid takeaways, based on real life with information that will keep you up-to-date. CONTACT ME FOR MORE MARKET INFO

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New Downtown Loveland Hotel

There has been A LOT of development in the Loveland and Fort Collins areas in the way of accommodations in the last few years. The Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins being one of the most notable. But Loveland is keeping up with its Foundry development that is a public/private partnership to bring even more life to the Downtown Loveland area.

A new hotel is being added to the mix, and it will be a 102 room Towne Place Suites by Marriott, and it will be right downtown. There will be an indoor swimming pool, meeting space, and will be pet friendly. Now people will be able to look at Downtown Loveland as a destination, with shopping, restaurants and hotels all within walking distance of each other.

If you have any questions about this hotel or the Foundry development in Loveland, give me a call!

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Getting Your House Ready For The Market


You may have heard, the market is hot right now! I say that somewhat facetiously because I think that has been beaten in to everyone in the Northern Colorado market in the last 18 months. But, what we’ve seen in the last few months is that if a Seller is charging a premium for a house that isn’t completely dialed in, it can sit on the market for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the public is so used to seeing homes go under contract in 35 minutes, that a home still available 35 days later starts to look like it might have something wrong with it to Buyers.

So how do we make sure that we are the best looking home on the block? What we want to do is put your home’s best foot forward before hitting the market. With my Windermere Certified Listing process, we take care of most of the heavy lifting for my clients. We go through the checklist below, and coordinate all of it for you.

  • 5 point pre-inspection
  • Pull the Ownership and Encumbrance report
  • Assemble HOA documents
  • Have home professionally measured to provide blueprints
  • Have home professionally cleaned
  • Professional photography (virtual tour and social media posting)
  • Just listed postcard sent to your neighborhood
  • All the usual stuff: Sign, brochure, MLS, posting

In addition to these items above, it’s important to get a feel for where your home is in the market. I will show you the homes we are competing with, so that if there is anything we can do to give you a competitive advantage, we’ll make sure you get it done. Staging can also be a very important piece of the puzzle. Depending on the space, Buyers can sometimes have difficulty imagining how their furniture will fit in your home. Even if it is just moving some furniture around and de-cluttering, staging will be VERY helpful.

Remember, gone are the days (May 2015) of throwing a beat up rental on the market for 25% more than it’s worth and getting 50 offers to sift through. We are still a fast moving market, but making sure your home is ready to compete against everything else out there will make your home stand out, sell quickly, and for a a premium. Call me if you have any questions about listing or buying a home!

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