Greeley Is Growing!


In case you had not noticed, there is a lot of growth in Northern Colorado! We are seeing population growth without nearly the amount of building as we did pre-recession (we are still at only about 60% of the new home starts as compared to before the recession, even though it can look like they are building everywhere). That is currently driving the appreciation and rental rates in Greeley to an even higher extent than Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. Check out this article below that talks in more detail about how Greeley is ranked third in the nation for growth.


Any more questions about Greeley? Give me a ring!

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 1:22 pm
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Friday Fun Facts – Long vs Short


Short vs. Long

There are short-term questions about real estate and there are long term questions about real estate.

Clients often have short-term questions like…

How much will prices go up next year? Should I sell my house this Fall or next Spring? Will interest rates go up next week?

We encourage our clients to evaluate those questions in the context of the long-term. There are decades of data on the Northern Colorado market which reveal certain patterns.

When we show our clients these patterns they feel confident and secure in the investment they have made into their home and their rental properties.

For example, the long-term appreciation rates based on up to 41 years of research are as follows:

  • Larimer County = 5.36%
  • Weld County = 4.25%
  • Metro Denver = 5.56%

So over the course of a year prices may go up a lot or go up a little, but in the long term they will stay true to these long term averages.

To see an update as to what is happening in the Northern Colorado market, contact me to receive our quarterly “Scoop” report.

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How Much Equity Do I Really Have? FIND OUT!

Good morning everyone! The last couple of weeks we have talked about why it continues to be a Sellers market in Northern Colorado (see info below). If you are a Buyer though, remember there ARE opportunities out there!

But the question remains, “I’ve heard how great the market is, but how much money do I REALLY have in my home?” You’re in luck! I would love to show you exactly how much equity you have in your home with a complimentary real estate review. We will talk about the comparable sales in your neighborhood, why and how they affect your value, and how the market changes in general affect your specific home.

Call me, email me, or text me so we can setup a time to review the value of your home. You’ve got nothing to lose but potentially MANY THOUSANDS to gain!

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