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High End Opportunities

Low Inventory. How often have you heard that mentioned in the media, or by me on my blog!? We are at historic lows for both interest rates and available housing inventory. But, there are some opportunities for those buyers looking to sell their homes and purchase something more expensive. If you are looking to downsize or purchase a home with a more reasonable payment there are absolutely ways to do that as well and we can have that discussion next week!

Whether you are having more kids, got a promotion, or just need more space for the dog, there are a lot of opportunities for buyers looking to upgrade their home. As we know, homes are selling quickly in the Northern Colorado area. We have a shortage of new homes (I have two available right now HERE and HERE if you would like to take a look!), and a lot of buyers looking to take advantage of the amazingly low interest rates. But, as you get in to the higher price ranges, there are fewer buyers, and homes aren't receiving multiple offers as often which makes it a little bit less stressed of a marketplace. 

Check out the info below that shows all of Fort Collins' price ranges. We are still hovering around a month worth of inventory (SUPER low when a balanced market is defined by the National Association of REALTORS at 6 months of inventory).



But, if you look at the info below, we are at almost 6 months worth of inventory for homes over $750,000. So that beautiful remodel in Old Town or newer construction on the southeast side of Fort Collins will be easier to attain than fighting over a $400,000 in the middle of town.



If you have considered the possibility of selling, or just want to talk real estate or grab coffee give me a call and I'd love to meet up! Have a fantastic week!