Buyer TipsInvestment September 6, 2016

What Are Your Intentions?


As I start to talk with my brokers here at Windermere about goal setting, business planning, and calendaring for 2017, the conversation revolves around INTENTIONS. Goals are great (and we need to have them!), but it is very powerful to talk about what your vision is and what your intentions are for the next year. 

I bring this up, because what are you going to DO (not try to do) in 2017? Do you have an intention of purchasing an investment property as a step towards being financially free? Or are you going to take advange of your newfound equity in your home and get something to fit your growing family? Or maybe you are FINALLY tired of paying the huge rental premiums to rent a home in Fort Collins. 

If you set those intentions for the upcoming year and any of those involve a change in real estate and you have questions, remember I'm here even if it is just to bounch ideas off of. I'll tell you my intentions for this upcoming year (the more people that know the more accountable you are!) are to purchase two more investment properties. 

I'd love to know what your intentions are for next year, and remember if you start working on them on January 1st you're late to the game!